This is an overview of the Nuts-related jobs that we know are available in the Nuts Community.

Go Developer at Nedap Healthcare

We’re looking for an experienced Go developer to join our development team. This assignment is for a duration of 1 year and can be extended depending on the renewal of external funding.

About Nuts

Nuts is an initiative by around 30 parties in the Dutch healthcare domain. We build open standards and software to standardize the tedious work of creating safe connections between electronic health records systems, required to exchange medical information. Every EHR system spins up a local Nuts-node which becomes part of a large and decentralized trust network. Your job will be developing these standards and implementing them in the Nuts-node software.

What we expect of you

You’ll be working on open-source software, so you are the type of person that likes to share your work with the world. You like working with decentralized identity frameworks, blockchain-like solutions, peer-2-peer technology and various cryptographic schemes. We’re not just trying to build a healthcare infrastructure, we’re building an infrastructure that is fair, future-proof and scalable! Do you want to work on next-gen technology and do something good for the world at the same time?

We would like you to hit the ground running. This means you have a lot of experience with the Go programming language in addition to the following subjects:

Your employer

Since Nuts is a decentralized initiative, the actual position is offered by one of the participating organisations. For this specific position, the offering organisation is Nedap Healthcare: A Dutch company located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

Your team

You’ll be joining an open-source community. The majority of the interaction will be with the “core-team”. This is a team of several enthusiastic and highly skilled people, each with their own interests. Every member is treated equally and a well-motivated opinion is highly appreciated. Most of the interaction will be online through Slack and Zoom. Most core-members live in the eastern part of the Netherlands and therefore have the ability to meet face-to-face but the team is also perfectly fine with joining you remotely. In order for the team to communicate optimally, it’s required you’re able to meet face to face (webcam-wise) on a daily basis. We encourage you to make your own schedule but keep in mind the core-team is located in the CET time zone.

Our offer

A challenging role with a dynamic and international company. A job with a lot of responsibility, but also the freedom to organize it in such a way that you can really make a difference!

Check out our codebase!

Our Github Repository the Nuts Specifications and Software Documentation.

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, contact us via or use the form on the Nedap Healthcare Jobs website.